The Plaza de España in Seville

The Plaza de España in Seville

Last updated on October 16th, 2023

The Plaza de España in Seville, a unique monument

The Plaza de España in Seville is one of the most impressive architectural settings in Europe. A huge square in homage to ‘Hispanidad’ and a unique and eternal work by Aníbal González, for the enjoyment of visitors and Sevillians alike.

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The Plaza de España is the most significant monumental legacy of the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929 in the memory of the people of Seville and the rest of the world.

Built by Aníbal González in exposed brick and typical Triana tiles, as well as wooden coffered ceilings and wrought ironwork that give the square a marked Renaissance atmosphere.

The essentials:

  • A horse-drawn carriage ride through the square
  • Hire a boat on the canal
  • See flamenco in a spontaneous show
  • Have your photo taken on the tile of the province you are from
  • Beware of street vendors and palm readers

Anibal González, the author.

Its colossal dimensions (50,000 square metres) are still astonishing to this day, so it must have been spectacular in 1929. It took a whopping 15 years to build, with up to 1,000 workers working on it at the same time.

Its curious semi-elliptical layout, 200 metres in diameter, with buildings like arms, topped by the north and south towers (the seat of the military government), together with its south-west orientation, represents Spain’s and its colonies’ embrace towards the American people.

Seville’s Plaza de España is one of the most beautiful architectural spaces in the world. Admire its tiled decoration, the fountains, the lake and the life that passes by at every moment.

The visit

The visit begins inside the square, which is bordered by a navigable canal crossed by four bridges. The centre of this large square is decorated with a fountain, which is an oasis of coolness on hot summer days.

The building is adorned with a long gallery on columns that we can walk around. In the lower part of the building, there are fountains and tile decorations representing all the Spanish provinces in alphabetical order. It is typical for national tourists to have their photos taken on their province’s tile.

Each one of them is marked by a bench, a Triana tile with its coat of arms and a map, representing some historical event. So now you know, if you get homesick, just come to your province and you will feel at home.

Have your photo taken on your province’s tile, a classic in the square

Above the gallery, we can see medallions of the main historical figures related to the history of Spain.

In the centre of the square stands the spectacular main building, the former Spanish pavilion, now in military use: Headquarters of the Land Force.

The interior is equally outstanding, although only guided tours are available. The courtyard is surrounded by marble columns, where the Theatre and the Chapel are located, and on the upper floor, the Royal and Map Rooms, with a large terrace overlooking the square.

Boat trips through the Plaza de España

Film set

For the biggest film buffs, the Plaza de España has been the setting for films such as the classic “Lawrence of Arabia” and the more recent “Star Wars II: The Clone Wars”, although in the latter it was digitally retouched to simulate the planet Naboo.

It has been, is and will always be one of the most popular places for newlyweds in Seville to immortalise “the happiest day of their lives”.


– The square is and will always be one of the most popular places for newlyweds in Seville to immortalise “the happiest day of their lives”.

– Although it is a public square, the site is closed at night to prevent vandalism.

– Although things have scaled down a lot, like any tourist site, the square is prone to the presence of hawkers, palm readers and hustlers. Be alert to this, but don’t stress.

– Don’t forget to go to the nearby Plaza de América.

– In the square, there are usually spontaneous flamenco dance shows.

– Near the Plaza de España you can visit the new aquarium of Seville, a new leisure space ideal for the whole family.