Horse drawn carriage ride in Seville

Horse-drawn carriage rides in Seville 2024 ❤️

Last updated on January 29th, 2024

Horse carriage ride through Seville

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Horse carriage hires in Seville.
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Horse-drawn carriage rides in Seville are a popular way to see the city’s historic center. They are a romantic and leisurely way to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. Book your ride in advance, especially if you are visiting during peak season.

Horse-drawn carriage rides in Seville
Horse-drawn carriage rides in Seville

Horse-drawn carriage rides are a unique and memorable way to experience a city. They offer a slower pace and a different perspective than other modes of transportation.

Carriage rides typically last around 45 minutes and take you past some of Seville’s most famous landmarks, such as the Cathedral, the Alcazar, and the Plaza de España. You can also request a custom tour that takes you to specific places that you are interested in seeing. Contact us.

A horse-drawn carriage ride around Seville is one of the best ways to enjoy the monuments, streets and parks.

Horse carriage ride through Seville
Horse carriage ride through Seville

Horse-drawn carriages are often associated with a bygone era, and taking a ride in one can be a nostalgic and charming experience that transports you to a different time and place.

Seville is a flat city, with pleasant weather, traffic-free areas and many monuments, with the main attractions quite close to each other. All of this creates the perfect conditions to enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride that allows you to discover the attractions of Seville from the comfort of such attractive transport.

It is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, for grandparents, events … Ask for more info

🐎 Horse carriage ride through Seville

This activity is ideal for families with children or youths, although anyone will enjoy the experience. It is also very appropriate for couples, as a romantic date. It is common to see couples touring in horse-drawn carriages and taking the perfect photo as a souvenir. The coachmen are usually happy to collaborate and lend themselves to the photos that the client wishes to take home with them.

A horse-drawn carriage ride can offer scenic views of city streets, parks, or countryside landscapes. It can be a leisurely way to take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings.

A normal sightseeing tour usually includes these monuments: Cathedral, Alcazar of Seville, Paseo del Guadalquivir, Torre del Oro, Palacio de San Telmo, Parque de María Luisa, Plaza de América, Plaza de España, Jardines de Murillo, Plaza Juan de Austria, Universidad and Hotel Alfonso XIII.

The services with pick-up, fixed-term tours, and tailor-made itineraries are priced according to duration and departure point and can cost in the range of 80-150 euros for approximately 1 hour. 

Each carriage has a maximum capacity of 4 passengers + the coachman, and this number cannot be exceeded, except for small children.

The usual route lasts about 50 minutes and the carriages have space for 4 passengers + the coachman

Horse-drawn carriage rides in Seville are one of the most fun and attractive experiences in the city. They are not overpriced and the views are wonderful.

📷 Monument route through the best of Seville

The carriage tours take you past the key points of the historic centre of Seville, such as the Cathedral area, the riverbank, the Plaza de Toros, the Plaza de España, and the María Luisa Park, among others.

Coachmen are usually very nice people who present the places being seen and can guide us on general aspects. The carriages are in impeccable condition and are subject to special regulations to avoid disappointments or bad services.

Horse-drawn carriage rides are accessible to people of all ages and abilities. They are a great way to get around for people who have difficulty walking or who are unable to use public transportation.

Don’t think twice. Taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through Seville will be one of your great travel experiences. It is not expensive, it is ideal for small groups and it is also an eco-friendly way of getting to know a city as attractive as Seville. It can also be perfectly compatible with other activities such as seeing a flamenco show in Seville or taking a guided tour of the Alcazar. Or if you want an original activity, book a Segway ride through Seville.

We handle large groups, congresses, services for companies, and special occasions, and we have carriages of greater capacity for the Seville fair, provincial fairs, El Rocío and other similar services. We love romantic surprises, requests and anniversaries. We can be accomplices in your plans.

Horse-drawn carriage rides are often associated with romance and can be a popular activity for couples, especially in settings like a city park or historic district.

Details of interest about horse carriages in Seville

– The regulations governing horse carriages in Seville are strict and thorough, nothing is left to fate. The passenger’s safety and comfort are sought above all else. The space is well organized and accessible via suitable steps,  and carriages are equipped with efficient emergency brakes and hoods to protect passengers from the sun or rain. Unsightly elements cannot be attached and no advertising of any kind is allowed. The carriages all have active insurance policies.

Horse-drawn carriage rides can be a more sustainable way to explore sensitive ecosystems. They do not produce emissions and can help to support local communities.

– In the summer months, carriages may sport a square awning with colours selected by the City Council, so you can enjoy the tours on hot days. If it’s very hot, the tours are normally run in the mornings and the afternoon/evening hours are extended.

The horse-drawn carriages of Seville are easily accessible and are equipped with steps so that passengers can comfortably climb in and out.

– Carriage drivers have set uniforms for the different seasons of the year.

We try to minimize the impact on the horses as much as possible. The use of the whip is limited to essential moments and it can only be cracked in the air, never in contact with the animal.

– Pets are not allowed inside the carriages. Neither is luggage or packages of any kind except for handbags and similar.

Possibility of large carriages for events, parties

Hire horse carriages in Seville for fairs and events … There is a variety of models and capacities, with quality wooden carriages with leather upholstery and impeccably uniformed coachmen, with top-notch horses and trimmings.

Horse carriage rental in SevilleHorse carriage hire in Seville

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