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Last updated on January 29th, 2024

😄 Free guided tours in Seville

The Free Tour phenomenon has arrived in Seville. As in many other major cities around the world, free tours allow you to get to know the basics of a tourist destination and save some money, as the service is rewarded with tips as payment for the quality of the tour you take, on a voluntary basis.

The free tours in Seville cover 4 main attractions, the monumental walk through the centre, the typical neighborhood of Triana, the Roman ruins of Itálica and the Maria Luisa Park

All of them have voluntary payment at the end of the tour as the common denominator, and the visits are carried out in groups of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 people, usually with a friendly young local guide.

Although they are free, the free tours of Seville require prior booking at no cost, so it is essential that you sign up before you go. Places are limited. Let’s take a look at the main free tours or free guided visits in Seville.

Free monumental tour


A 100% outdoor tour that starts from the Plaza del Salvador, with its magnificent Church. It passes through the Plaza Nueva and City Hall, then enters the surroundings of the Cathedral, the Giralda and the Alcázar, to continue through the Tobacco Factory and finish in the wonderful Plaza de España

Boat trips through the Plaza de España

In total, 2 hours of guided tour of Seville, in a pleasant, informal and panoramic tour of the basic monuments of the city. Ideal for a first impression of Seville.

The general free tour of Seville is a good introduction to the most interesting sights of the city

Free tour of Triana


The most typical neighbourhood, an old fishing area and today a fashionable residential area with the best nightlife, flamenco and tapas in Seville. 

Betis Street

The Triana tour begins at the Torre del Oro, from where we see a panoramic view of the neighbourhood from the opposite shore. It wanders through key points of popular devotion such as the Chapel of the Esperanza de Triana. 

Triana is a neighbourhood with a lot of character and it is essential to be accompanied by a good guide.

Free tour of Itálica


The basic tour of Itálica is a journey through the history of ancient Roman Seville, a cradle of emperors and an urban centre of great importance in southern Hispania. You will see the beautiful amphitheatre, where you will hear stories of gladiators. You will see beautiful mosaics and follow in the footsteps of key figures such as Trajan or Hadrian, Roman leaders born in Italica.

Free tour of Maria Luisa Park


A beautiful exterior visit that starts from the majestic Plaza de España and goes into the jungle greenery of the park to get to know the most picturesque points, such as the island of the ducks or the beautiful Plaza de América, with its regionalist buildings.

A walk of more than 2 hours, ideal for the whole family in one of the most beautiful areas of Seville.

The most beautiful park in Seville, full of corners and old stories. Discover it all with a free tour

Free tour of Roman Seville


The Free Tour of Roman Seville is a beautiful tour of the remains of this period in the centre of Seville. You will see the ancient Roman aqueduct, the so-called Caños de Carmona. You will visit interesting and lesser-known areas of the centre of Seville after searching for the old Roman roads, the Cardo Maximus and the Decumanus Maximus.

Places such as the Plaza de la Alfalfa, the Temple of Mars or the Setas de Sevilla with its underground space of the Antiquarium, an interesting Roman site with streets, houses and mosaics.

A tour of the key points of the old Roman city that today merges with contemporary Seville

Free tour: Mysteries of Seville


A tour with ghost stories and haunted houses in Seville. Mysteries, legends, historical figures… the most hidden and dark facet of Seville in a very enjoyable free tour that you cannot miss. 

Legends, mysteries and ghost stories. The scary routes in Seville

The concept of the “free tour”

Free tours are a relatively new concept when it comes to getting to know cities and they are spreading their popularity as a formula for guided tours and enjoying new experiences on so-called city breaks or urban getaways. 

The free tours of Seville require registration to secure a place, the groups have a limited number of participants.

The word “free” can be misleading, suggesting a service of little value, for backpackers and people with a small budget, but its advocates believe that the fact that there is no fixed price for the visit forces the guide to make a greater effort and to try to offer an interesting visit that is rewarded with a good tip, which is not obligatory a priori.

How does a free tour work?

First of all, it is essential to register online in advance, as places are limited.

The term “free” should not be understood as free of charge but as “free”, i.e. you are free to pay whatever you want, there is no fixed price and you, depending on the experience, choose how much you want to reward your guide.

most popular tours and tours of Seville

Free tours are relaxed and laid-back and can also be a way to meet people with similar tastes

The guides do not belong to specific companies and only receive income from their activity. Therefore, they will be more motivated to offer a service of the highest possible quality in order to provoke the positive emotion of the visitor and the desire to leave a good tip. For many, it is a perfect model to avoid feeling ripped off or thinking that you have overpaid for a poor-quality service. 

Monuments that you can see in the free tours

The Plaza de España

Cathedral and Giralda exterior 

The Tobacco Factory 

Royal Tobacco Factory, today University of Seville


The Bullring 

In the free tours, you will see it from outside but you can also take a guided tour of the bullfighting museum of Seville.

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