visit to Cordoba from Seville

Visit Cordoba from Seville, guided tour with Mosque-Cathedral

Last updated on July 30th, 2023

📷 Organised excursion to Cordoba and the Mosque from Seville

Cordoba is one of those great Spanish cities that cannot be missed. With an impressive cultural background, Cordoba has been a Roman and Muslim capital and has been the birthplace of universal figures such as Seneca, Averroes and Maimonides.

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Cordoba from Seville

Cordoba makes an excellent day trip from Seville and is well worth it.

With excellent communications, Cordoba is just 45 minutes by AVE (high-speed train) from Seville, in a comfortable journey with trains every hour. The journey takes an hour and a half by car, and a little longer by bus. We offer a day trip to Cordoba from Seville with transfers.

Visit the Mosque/Cathedral, the narrow streets of the center, the Julio Romero de Torres Museum and many other enchanting sites

Cordoba’s old town has enough charm to keep a tourist busy for at least a day. The reference point is the Mosque-Cathedral. Around it is woven the tangle of narrow streets that make up the charming city centre and which, together with the river and its Roman bridge, form a picture of great beauty and charm. If you travel to Seville, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Cordoba.

What to see in Cordoba

The Mosque-Cathedral

A living example of the historical development of the city, the Mosque, Cathedral of Cordoba is the most important monument in the Islamic West and one of the most amazing in the world. Its history summarises the complete evolution of the Umayyad style in Spain, as well as the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles of Christian construction.

The Great Mosque consists of two distinct areas, the porticoed courtyard or sahn, where the minaret stands (under the Renaissance tower), the only work of ‘Abd al-Rahman III, and the prayer hall or haram. The interior space is arranged on a concert of columns and two-coloured arcades of great chromatic effect. The enclosure is divided into five zones, each of which corresponds to the different extensions that were carried out.

The Arches

The arches are the iconic image. The architect introduced another horseshoe-shaped arch over the lower pillars. A second, purely aesthetic innovation was to alternate brick and stone in the arches, creating the pattern of red and white stripes that gives unity and distinctive character to the entire design.

Altogether there are more than 850 columns of granite, jasper and coloured marble. The sunlight streams in through the windows of the four domes creating interesting effects combined with the artificial light from the thousands of small oil lamps. It will be one of your key photos on your excursion to Cordoba from Seville.

The Cathedral

In the centre of the mosque is a Renaissance cathedral dating from the early sixteenth century while on the left is the Chapel of Villaviciosa built by Moorish craftsmen in 1371. The Mosque was consecrated as a Christian Cathedral in the same year as the reconquest of Cordoba (1236). Alfonso X built the Chapel of Villaviciosa with impressive poly-lobed arches. The Royal Chapel was also built as the pantheon of the Christian Monarchs.

Other attractions

The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

The old medieval fortress next to the Mosque. Its walls breathe history at every turn and its gardens offer pleasant walks.

The Narrow Streets of the Centre

Stroll aimlessly and get lost in the charming alleys of the centre. The most typical is the Calleja de las Flores, the Calle Judíos with its Synagogue, the Plaza del Cristo de los Faroles and the Plaza del Potro.

The Roman Bridge over the Guadalquivir

Beautiful urban and natural surroundings and great views of the Cathedral

Julio Romero de Torres Museum

Part of the work of this painter from Cordoba, who is considered to be the greatest painter of the beauty of Andalusian women, is exhibited in a magnificent house palace.

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