Kayaking in Seville

Kayaking in Seville. Kayak rental and kayak trips in Seville ❤️🛶

Last updated on February 19th, 2024

🛶 Kayaking in Seville

Kayak rental in Seville and guided kayak trips on the Guadalquivir. A safe, fun experience and the best way to see Seville from a different angle.

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Kayaking in Seville is an activity for all members of the public, in a safe and very beautiful environment. You can go alone or on a trip with a monitor

The Guadalquivir River as it passes through Seville has become a kind of lagoon. Altogether there are about 5 km of calm, safe waters with no currents.

You can rent a kayak to go freely or hire a guided tour by a monitor

That is why it has become the ideal place for canoeing or kayaking. In addition, there are conditions such as the city’s good weather and the unique views, of the downtown and monumental area of the city. If you do not have a canoe or kayak, in the vicinity of the river there are several canoeing and rowing clubs, which offer rentals, classes and trips.

Kayaking in Seville is a safe, fun activity that offers a unique view of the city

Kayaking on the Guadalquivir River

Best accesses in Seville:

The area adjacent to the Pasarela de la Cartuja, Jardín Americano, Camino de los Descubrimientos.

Triana Market area, from where paddleboard routes are organised.

We can access the river with our canoe, kayak or paddleboard from Alamillo Park, which recently opened a jetty next to the bridge near the parking lots which is easy for these small vessels to use.

The Guadalquivir River

There are several launching areas spread along both banks of the river

In the High-Performance Canoeing Center of La Cartuja, there is another access, with spectacular facilities. Another good entry point is the Jardín Americano, between the navigation pavilion and the Cartuja walkway.

An alternative is to go down to the river via Avenida Rey Juan Carlos I, parallel to Avenidas Torneo and Concejal Jiménez Becerril, on the left bank of the river. Parking is more complicated in this area, however.

Sailing on the Guadalquivir Sailing on the Guadalquivir

Sailing the river

We will start by the banks of Alamillo Park, an area with abundant vegetation and fauna, which will make us forget that we are in the city of Seville.

What to see on the left bank

The Avenida del Rey Juan Carlos I, until you reach the Triana bridge. Continue along the Paseo Marqués de Contadero, where the Torre del Oro is located, the departure area for tourist boats that travel along the river.

And you reach the San Telmo Bridge and then the New York wharf and after passing the Remedios bridge, you will reach the Delicias wharf, a boarding area for tourist cruises, where the Aquarium of Seville is located.

Kayaking on the Guadalquivir is a way to get up close to the local wildlife, which is richer than it seems.

What to see on the right bank

The river runs through the old Expo-92. First, we come across the Canoeing Center, where it is easy to disembark. In the area, we will see many athletes from several countries training in canoeing and rowing.

In the direction of the centre, we will see the following points of interest:

Barqueta Bridge. Gardens of the Guadalquivir and the Pavilion of the Future. Garden of the Americas and Rocío Jurado Auditorium. Footbridge of La Cartuja, next to the Monastery of La Cartuja. Navigation Pavilion. Ports of the Americas and Expo with the Schindler tower imitating a ship, with easy landing areas. Magallanes Park next to the Torre Sevilla.

Bridge of Cristo del Cachorro, and then the Paseo de la Virgen de la O. Triana Bridge, followed by the typical Calle Betis with easy landing areas. Bridge of San Telmo, Los Remedios neighbourhood next to Club Labradores, Old tobacco factory, pending rehabilitation. Puente de los Remedios, connects this neighbourhood with María Luisa Park. Club Mercantil, with pontoons for sports boats. Club Náutico marina next to the Las Delicias bridge, the beginning of the port area.

Book a guided tour

Enjoy this wonderful experience that combines tourism from a different perspective with sport, with kayak with guide included.

There are many ways to enjoy Seville and they are all unique and unforgettable. This tour offers us the possibility of seeing Seville from one of its great attractions: the Guadalquivir River, combining tourism with a little physical activity suitable for all members of the public. Nature and the city combine for a unique and relaxing experience.

What these tours include

These experiences allow you to discover a city as beautiful as Seville from a different perspective. During the three hours this tour lasts, we can enjoy admiring the bridges over the river, really impressive masterpieces, the architecture of the monuments along the course of the river and the urban life of Sevillian capital city, which runs largely along the Guadalquivir.

The Triana Bridge, built by Eiffel, is one of the great places we can see. Also the riverside of Seville with its multiple green spaces and the passage of life in the capital.

The guide’s explanations will transport us from the times of the Phoenicians, through Roman times, to the celebration of modern regattas, while following the course of the river that divides the city into two completely different identities. News about the environment, the transformation of the river and Expo 92 will complement the information received.

An extra option offered is, for a small supplement, to visit the recently opened Navigation Pavilion which contains a permanent exhibition on the history of sailing in Seville, explaining both its splendour and the great role played by the city in the Discovery, with a visit to the Jardín Americano and a return to the typical Triana quarter.