Visit Seville in one day

Visit Seville in one day

Last updated on October 24th, 2023

What to see in Seville in one day

Seville is an important tourist city with countless attractions for the visitor. Several days are advisable to get to know and understand it, but sometimes we only have one day to visit it. The aim of this article is to recommend how to make a quick visit to Seville, what to see and what to do in a day in Seville.

In the morning

We should take a walk around the monumental area of the city, which would include the area around the Alcázar, Archivo de Indias, the outside of the Cathedral and especially the Barrio de Santa Cruz, continuing through the Murillo and Catalina Ribera Gardens that border the Alcázar and the University area. The visit can be done in just a few hours unless you book a guided tour, which would require you to sacrifice some points.

As it is an extensive visit, we will only be able to enter one of the two most characteristic monuments of the city: the Alcazar of Seville. Tickets must be purchased in advance, as there are often long queues. For those with just one day to visit, we highly recommend skip-the-queue tickets.

Interior of the Cathedral of Seville
Interior of the Cathedral of Seville

At lunchtime, we will eat in a restaurant in this area or have tapas in the neighbourhoods close to the Monumental area, the Arenal and Alfalfa neighbourhoods, the surroundings of the Cathedral, Avenida de la Constitución and Plaza Nueva.

Visit the Barrio de Santa Cruz


If the weather is nice, which it almost always is, in the early afternoon we recommend enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride through Seville, which will allow you to visit less central places such as María Luisa Park and the banks of the Guadalquivir, of great scenic interest.

Visit Maria Luisa Park
Visit the Maria Luisa Park

You can then go shopping in the commercial area, mainly in the streets of the centre, Tetuán, Velázquez, O’Donnell, Rioja, Sierpes, Cuna, Puente y Pellón and the Duque Salvador and Encarnación squares, where you will find the Monumento de las Setas with its Mirador, which is highly recommended. See Shopping in Seville.

This shopping tour will bring you closer to the real, living Seville and its most popular streets. An alternative is to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, a magnificent art gallery with the best masterpieces of the Sevillian Baroque.



If your travel plans allow it, at the end of the afternoon or in the evening you can attend a show related to Andalusian folklore, such as the flamenco tablaos in Sevilla. It may be interesting to choose one in Triana, the liveliest neighbourhood at that time of day, with very authentic “tablaos” and a wide variety of options for tapas dinner.

See the best flamenco shows in Seville.

This is our suggestion for a 1-day visit to Seville. There are other options, but the average visitor with no particular preference will be more than happy with a visit that follows this route.

flamenco in Seville