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Seville for free. Free activities and monuments in Sevilla

Last updated on November 12th, 2023

Free activities in Seville

You can do things for free in Seville and experience spectacular moments. In this section, we cover everything you can do for free in Seville.

Free guided tours

Not exactly free, these tours have no set price but you are expected to leave a voluntary tip for the hard-working guides…

More info on free tours of Seville.

Free monuments in Seville

Plaza de España

Spectacular, grandiose, splendid… Praised since its birth in 1929, Plaza de España is one of the most beautiful squares in Spain, if not the most beautiful. It was originally built for the 1929 Ibero-American Expo and will soon be a hundred years old!.

From its unmissable hemicycle to its superb benches with earthenware tiles that represent all the Spanish provinces, its treasures invite you to travel and explore a strong history: that of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to this architectural heritage that makes it so successful, the square is a place of worship for all fans of a famous saga! And for good reason, it was the filming location for “Star Wars Episode II and Lawrence of Arabia,” serving as the setting for the planet Naboo.

View of the Plaza de España
View of the Spanish Steps

Maria Luisa Park

A privileged place for tourists and locals, it is the key meeting point for a walk in the shade, a place of refuge for the hottest days. A true green lung, Maria Luisa Park is none other than the most famous garden in the city: a success that has now earned it the title of “Asset of Cultural Interest”.

As you may have understood, visiting Seville without going through this little pearl would be a shame. During your walk, let yourself stroll through the Fountain of the Frogs and duckling island before heading to the Plaza de las Palomas (Plaza de América) which in turn houses the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs, the Archaeological Museum of Seville, and the Royal Pavilion.

Santa Cruz District

Taking a stroll through these alleys that give the appearance of a maze is definitely one of the best things to do for free in Seville. The walk will give you the opportunity to discover the city from a unique and frankly pleasant angle! Discover the orange tree-lined streets, home to traditional craft stalls, tapas bars and street shows. The game is definitely worth it.

The Archive of the Indies

You can visit the inside of the Archivo de Indias for free. It is a magnificent historic building, both for its architecture and for the collection of documentary treasures it houses, visible only in temporary exhibitions. It is next to the Cathedral of Seville.

The Archive of the Indies
The Archive of the Indies

Casa Pilatos 

You can get into Casa Pilatos for free on Mondays from 3 pm to 5.30 pm. Expect queues and go early to allow for the limited number of tickets, bookings are not possible. The prize is entry to one of the most beautiful palace houses in Seville with its gardens and its privileged artistic heritage of Roman origin.

Free Alcazar

Children up to 13 years of age (accompanied by an adult) and people with more than 33% disability have free access.

Museum of Fine Arts

Entry to this wonderful art gallery is free for EU citizens so there is no financial excuse to avoid a visit to the great works of Murillo, Zurbarán, Valdés Leal and others, which this institution preserves. Guided tours are available on weekends for a small fee, please ask us. Visit Sevilla museum.

The ruins of Itálica

The Roman city of Itálica, on the outskirts of Seville, was one of the most important cities of its time and today it is a very interesting visit to approach the Roman world and see the structure and way of life of this civilisation that was so decisive in the history of the region.

You will see a good amphitheatre, houses, and mosaics … It is a good half-day plan that can also be seen as a gastronomic outlet for the good traditional ventas that are around it. Entry is free for EU citizens.

Roman ruins of Itálica

Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo

San Isidoro, that beautiful Cistercian monastery on the outskirts of Seville, is another of the beautiful free visits that can be done in Seville. It is in the village of Santiponce, near Itálica, and is a beautiful and evocative visit of a few hours in which to connect with the conventual past of Seville and to see some of the masterpieces of Sevillian imagery by Martínez Montañés.

San Isidoro del Campo Chapter House

Sevillian experiences

Traditional festivals

Watching Holy Week or strolling through the fair are free Sevillian experiences and unique shows available to everyone. You do not have to pay anything to see the processions, nor to see the figures on the street or in their temples. Access to the fair is also free, although the casetas are another matter…

Flamenco in the street

We do not know specific days or times, but sometimes there are flamenco shows in the street near the great monuments, in the Barrio de Santa Cruz and especially in the Plaza de España. Without getting into technical details, it is another way to see flamenco in Seville although it can hardly be compared to the experience of a good flamenco tablao in Seville.

Private tours in Seville