Visit Morocco from Seville

Morocco day trip from Seville 2024

Last updated on January 29th, 2024

Excursion to Morocco from Seville πŸ•Œ

Morocco is an exotic destination that is very close to the Andalusian capital. It is located on the southern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, just 180 kilometres away. One or two-day guided tours are possible from Seville.

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Daytrip from Seville

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There are several tour companies that offer day trips to Morocco from Seville, which typically include transportation, ferry tickets, and a guided tour of Tangier.

Morocco day trip from Seville
Morocco day trip from Seville

Among its attractions, Morocco is an Arab country that is culturally and socially very different from Spain, with a millenary culture that is largely unknown, but that is also related to the traditions and culture of southern Spain.

Excursion to Morocco from Seville
Excursion to Morocco from Seville

It is a cheap and welcoming country with a good climate, safe for tourists and convenient to visit from Seville, either independently or on organised trips with local agencies in Seville. In this report, we offer some notes of interest for the visitor, travel tips and some guided tours to Morocco from Seville.

guided tours to Morocco from Seville
guided tours to Morocco from Seville

How to get to Morocco from Seville

By car, head for the port of Algeciras, which is 185km away by highway, and embark on a ship to the ports of Ceuta, Tangier Med or Tangier Medina.

Tickets are purchased at the maritime station and you can choose to go with or without a car, the latter option being cheaper and involving less paperwork. You can reach Tanger Medina from Tarifa in 210km. There are several organised tours with good Sevillian agencies. See below for the available tours.

By bus with a guided tour from Seville can be a good alternative for a first contact if you are not familiar with the country and its idiosyncrasies.

By plane, there are low-cost flights, to Tangier, Fes, Casablanca, and Marrakech.

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The most interesting cities in northern Morocco

Tangier is the closest and most comfortable city to visit. Lively, with an old town, colonial memory, many shops and lots to see.

The advantages are that we can get there directly by boat and that it has good communications. The drawbacks are its large population, more than one million inhabitants, the traffic difficulties and the fact that it has lost part of its Moroccan past to modernisation.

Tetouan is 40 km from the port of Ceuta, 50 km from the port of Tanger Med and 75 km from Tangier. A city that has kept its Andalusian and Spanish past very much alive, with a splendid UNESCO World Heritage Medina and the Spanish quarter, one of the most outstanding colonial quarters in Morocco. Added to this is its Mediterranean coast, the jewel in the crown of Moroccan tourism.

In the surrounding area, the coastline, “Tamuda Bay”, with its splendid tourist facilities and marina, and the towns of Rincon Mdiq, with a wide range of holiday facilities, are worth mentioning.Β Castillejos Fnideq Β is the shopping capital.

Chauen is located 60 km from Tetouan and 135 km from Tangier. The jewel of tourism in the north of Morocco, unique in the world, an Andalusian, Arab and Berber mountain city, very well cared for and prepared for tourism. In its surroundings, the routes through the Rif, the natural parks and its coastline where the towns ofΒ  Oued Laou Β and Jebha stand out

Arcila or Asilah, 50 km from Tangier and 130 km from Tetouan. With its beautiful and well-kept medina by the sea decorated by contemporary artists that is well worth a visit. It is worth enjoying the beaches and the gastronomy, where fish and seafood stand out.

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