What to see in Seville

What to see in Seville 2024. Best Things to See and Do and 100 ideas for your trip

Last updated on January 29th, 2024

🚀 What to see in Seville

What is there to see in Seville? Are you coming to Seville and don’t know where to start in your planning? Well, we’re happy to help you. We will organise all the information you may need.

🏛️ The basics

Seville is a cheerful, sunny, romantic city, full of history, traditions… and where you can eat very well.

Let’s talk first about the great monuments: You should try to at least visit the Alcazar of Seville, the Cathedral, climb the Giralda and take a walk through all of that monumental setting, including the Archivo de Indias, the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, the City Hall area, the Tobacco Factory and the Plaza de España.

All of these are in a very small area, which is easy to see on foot.


It’s very worthwhile. All the cultures of Seville in one point. Patios, halls and dreamy gardens. You can go on your own by getting a ticket on the official website, although we recommend a guided tour, which can be in a group or private.

A royal palace that is actually a complex of historic buildings and gardens with reminders of all the cultures that have passed through Seville.

🙋 See details in Alcazar of Seville

Alcazar of Seville


One of the largest cathedrals in the world, impressive inside and out and full of works of art. The Giralda, its bell tower, is part of the visit to the Cathedral and it is worth climbing. You can buy tickets online or sign up for a guided tour.

🙋 See details in our section: Seville Cathedral

The symbol of Seville and bell tower of the Cathedral


Very picturesque and full of narrow streets, souvenir shops and charming restaurants. Wandering through it is essential.

🙋 See details in our section: Visit the Barrio de Santa Cruz

The old Jewish quarter and today a charming and picturesque neighbourhood


Impressive architectural space, built for the 1929 expo. Attached to the beautiful Maria Luisa Park, which you can explore on foot or by renting a nice pedal-powered vehicle.

 See details in our section: The Plaza de España

View of the Plaza de España
View of the Plaza de España


The Torre del Oro is a naval military museum and a beautiful viewpoint. The whole area around the river is newly revamped and very pleasant for a stroll and a drink. The cruises along the Guadalquivir depart from the Torre del Oro.

🙋 See details in: La Torre del Oro


Traditional neighbourhood, with tapas bars, flamenco and religious traditions. It is worth crossing the Triana Bridge and at least visiting the Altozano and Calle Betis. There is flamenco, terraces and lots of nightlife.

🙋 See details in: Visit Triana


A very unique phenomenon in Seville, the residences of great noble families and merchants. They are very beautiful and very worthwhile.

The best are Palacio de Dueñas, Casa Pilatos, Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija and Casa Salinas. Tickets range from 8 to 12 euros.


A controversial but curious construction in the centre of Seville that has created an economic, cultural and leisure centre that is well worth a visit.

🙋 See details in: ‘The Mushrooms of Seville’ Las setas of SevilleThe Mushrooms of Seville


Old monastery, ceramics factory and area that hosted Expo 92. A curious and pleasant world to visit.


If you like art do not miss it. Masterpieces by Murillo, Zurbarán, Valdés Leal, the Romantics and the Andalusian Genre artists. It is in a beautiful converted convent, it is very worthwhile.

🙋 See details in : Museum of Fine Arts of Seville


Seville is a city full of wonderful churches and convents. It is difficult to recommend any in particular, but El Salvador, La Magdalena, San Luis de los Franceses, Hospital de la Caridad, San Lorenzo, Santa Paula, Santa Catalina are all worth seeing… Don’t forget to buy sweets from the nuns. Almost all have a small entrance fee.

Saint Louis of the French
San Luis de los franceses (Saint Louis of the French)


Interesting Roman ruins on the outskirts of the city and a filming location for Game of Thrones. They are well worth a visit and there are many typical “ventas” in the surrounding area where you can try Andalusian cuisine.

🙋 See details in: Italica Roman city


Legends, haunted houses, mysteries, ghosts, spectres… Seville has a history full of legendary, curious or scary passages. There are many organised routes to discover these stories.


Opera Seville, the Bécquer route, conquerors, discoverers, kings and queens… Seville has a lot to offer for cultural routes in the footsteps of history. We can organise a thematic route for you.

Glorieta de Bécquer


Carmona, Osuna, Ecija, the Sierra Norte, the southern marshes… there is a lot to see in the province of Seville, you can consider it as a cultural experience.

Sierra Norte
Sierra Norte


A paradise of dunes, marshes, beaches and pine forests. An hour and a bit from Seville, with several accesses. It is well worth booking an organised excursion with a 4×4 route and a visit to the village of El Rocío. Visit Donana from Sevilla.

The lynx, emblem of Doñana

💃 Flamenco

The Flamenco in Seville is top-notch. Top artists and very picturesque tablaos. If in doubt we recommend you go, it’s a really impressive show. Some include drinks or even dinner. 🖱️ SEE PRICES AND BOOK

💃 Bullfighting in Seville

Visit the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza and its museum. An authentic temple of Bullfighting. It is best to take a guided tour to learn about the history and myths of this ancient art. During the bullfighting season you can watch a bullfight.


Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza

✨ Enchanting experiences

🐎 Horse-drawn carriage

A great plan in Seville, a flat city with good weather. Ideal for children, adults and everyone in general. There are stops next to the major monuments or we can organise a personalised pick-up and drop-off. 💡 Book Email or  Whatsapp

🛥️ River Cruise

A great way to see Seville from the Guadalquivir and feel the breeze on your face. River cruises in Sevilla.

The Guadalquivir River

✝️ Seville at Easter

A week of devotion, art and emotions. You can start with our tips section to see Holy Week in Seville.

Hermandad del Gran Poder Brotherhood

🎡 Seville at the fair

An exceptional week during which the whole city moves to the ‘Real’ fairground. An explosion of colours, Sevillanas and the smell of fried food and rebujito. Ideally, you should enjoy it in the company of a Sevillian who can get you into his or her caseta. But if you don’t have any contacts, all is not lost. You can see the atmosphere, enter a public caseta, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or enjoy the ‘cacharritos’ (rides)

walk through the Seville Fair Ride through the Seville Fair

☀️ Seville in summer

Seville’s heat is very daunting, but it’s a matter of organising your timetable. It’s a great time to come, with lots of nightlife and good prices. It is ideal to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool. There are concerts and evening events at the Alcázar, ask about them.

most popular tours and tours of Seville

💡Sevillano’s advice

Ideas and trends that we Sevillians are familiar with and share with you…

  • Don’t miss the Hotel Alfonso XIII. Wonderful building for Expo 29. It has an indoor restaurant and a snack terrace called Ena.
  • Cañabota is the name of a seafood restaurant near the Setas (Mushrooms) of Seville that has recently achieved a Michelin star.
  • El Rinconcillo is considered the oldest bar in Seville, it appears in all the guides but it is worth the visit.
  • Casa Ozama, Maquiavelo, Seis or Casa Aníbal are some of the latest trendy restaurants in Seville that are popular with the in-crowd.
  • Hotel Palacio Alcázar’s rooftop bar offers great views of Seville Cathedral, one of the largest temples in the world. Visit just before sunset to see the Giralda, the cathedral’s ornate bell tower, and the ancient minaret, bathed in a Sevillian orange glow.
  • For something livelier, head to the banks of the Guadalquivir River, where the open-air bars Manhattan Sevilla and Muelle New York offer cocktails, hookahs, and nightly DJs.
  • Ordering a cartridge of chips from a fryer is a very Sevillian experience. In the Santa Catalina neighbourhood, you can get them along with a bag of chicharrones at La Papa que Llevas, perfect for pairing with a Cruzcampo beer from a bar in the nearby Plaza de Los Terceros.

… We will continue to report back

Hotel Alfonso XIII

🚄 Practical data

🛏️ Accommodation

A wide range of hotels, hostels and tourist apartments. You can search for offers on these links.



🖱️ Looking for something charming? Book one of the hotels that fill the fashion and travel magazines: Palacio de Villapanes, Ateneo, Casa Romana, Alcoba del Rey, Amadeus, EME Catedral Hotel, Corral del Rey, Casa 1800, Alfonso XIII or Casa del Poeta.

Hotel Casa 1800
Hotel Casa 1800

🅿️ Parking in Seville

If you come by car it is important to arrange parking in Seville. The centre is very complicated, with narrow streets, restrictions and little parking. There are better areas and many paid car parks. It may be worth pre-ordering a multi-day voucher, there are deals available.

🚗 Compare parking prices
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spaces in Seville. Book online. Special bonuses.

🍤 Tapas in Seville

The tapa is the essence of the culinary culture in Seville. Food and drink in the right measure, expandable according to hunger. Varied and affordable. Tapas are not served “free” with drinks in Seville, rather each item is charged separately. The bars offer tapas but also half raciones or full raciones, each of which is marked on the menu. Traditionally, you can share a ración or simply order several tapas, one for each of you.

The most typical tapas of Seville

Tapas are around 2 or 3 euros and drinks are 1.5 euros on average. The most typical tapas of Seville are tortilla, montaditos, croquettes, patatas bravas, sirloin in various sauces, snails, fried fish, grilled squid, salad, meatballs, ratatouille, cod, chickpeas with spinach …

Tapas in Bicho Malo
Tapas in Bicho Malo

The key drink is beer, along with white or red wines or the very local ones such as manzanilla or fino. The best tapas areas are the Arenal, the Alameda, Calle Albareda, Plaza de la Gavidia, Triana Viapol and the area surrounding the great monuments.