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Last updated on July 29th, 2023

Tours and activities in Seville for school groups and students

Specialists in cultural and nature visits for all ages: infant, primary, secondary and higher level students.

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School visits in SevilleSchool visits in Seville

At we can help you organise fantastic cultural activities in Seville, specially adapted to school groups and students in general, with official guides, heritage interpreters and the possibility of dramatisation.

Tailor-made plans for infant, primary, secondary or 6th form students, those undergoing vocational training, and professional arts or sports students… We also have cultural visit programmes for higher education, undergraduate, master’s degree or doctoral students. We can carry out the activities in English, French, Italian, German and other languages. 

We have collaborators who specialise in these age groups, and programmes specially designed for children and youngsters who can enjoy literary, artistic, historical and general cultural routes through the city of Seville.

Would you like some ideas for your activities? Here are a few:

Monumental Seville. We can take a monumental panoramic tour of the centre of Seville, encompassing the main monuments, stories and legends. An interesting presentation of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Seville and the great discoverers. Seville was a key port for journeys to the Indies and its streets and monuments hold great memories of the feats of America, Columbus, Magellan, Elcano and the many navigators who set sail for adventure from the Guadalquivir. The Archivo de Indias, the port, Triana… They are the perfect setting to organise activities focused on the discovery of America and trade with the Indies. We can also talk about pirates and buccaneers.

The Guadalquivir River
The Guadalquivir River

Activities in contact with nature. Without leaving Seville city, you can enjoy nature safaris in Maria Luisa Park, visit the aquarium or walk through beautiful parks full of life. You can also enjoy nature workshops and farm schools or visit bull and horse breeders’ farms not far from the city, spot deer or discover exotic animals in wildlife reserves. Within the province, we also have specialist guides in places like Almadén de la Plata, Castilblanco de los Arroyos, San Nicolás del Puerto, Cerro del Hierro, Carmona…

Sierra Norte Sierra Norte

Memories of the Roman world. Roman civilization, a key to our cultural development, has an enormous presence in Seville. There are remains in many parts of the city, but the main site is in nearby Santiponce, in the ruins of Itálica, an open, spacious and safe space in which to discover the constructions, mosaics and lifestyle of the Romans in Seville. Mosaic workshops and dramatised visits can be arranged.

Masters of painting. Let’s turn museums into a light of culture for children. The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville is a cultural paradise that contains works by great masters, such as Murillo, who children can connect with very well. A tour of the best art of the Sevillian school is a lesson in aesthetics, iconography and beauty that children should experience.

Murillo in Seville
Murillo in Seville

The Alcazar, a fusion of cultures and gardens. The Alcazar of Seville can be explained to children as a place where all the cultures that inhabited it left their mark. It is also a natural paradise of fountains and gardens that can be made the most of. It is one of the great tourist attractions of Andalusia.

Discover flamenco. We can offer educational experiences on flamenco. Shows prepared for children and students in real tablaos and with professionals who will explain all the secrets of this wonderful Spanish art to visitors.